Viola Film was founded in June 2016 by Producer Alessandro Passadore, thanks to his professional relationship with Eric Welbers, CEO of the German company BRAVADO MEDIA.

Viola Film has always provided Italian Service Production for Italian foreign projects. Since 1996 Alessandro Passadore worked as a Line Producer and then as an Executive Producer for many foreign films. He also worked on dozens of Italian movies and TV series for the most important Italian film production companies.

Now, its main objective is to produce high-quality content for Italy and Europe with Viola Film as an independent company as well as continuing to provide Service Production for foreign companies wishing to shoot in Italy.

In 2019 Viola's first feature film, the thriller "Non sono un assassino ", was released in Italian theaters.

The 6 episode TV series "Everyone is Perfect" was broadcast on Rai 1 prime time, reaching a share of more than 20 percent, and in October 2022 the 4 episode TV series " Vincenzo Malinconico, Avvocato d'Insuccesso" was also released on Rai 1.

Viola Film's service production presence includes important international projects such as Terrence Malick's last two films and the European TV production with the highest budget ever, "The Swarm," where German, French, Italian and Japanese broadcasters are involved.