Since its founding, Viola Film has provided a Production Service for the many foreign projects that choose to shoot their projects in Italy because of the wonderful and extremely varied locations and the very advantageous public funding.

Our company supported the production of important international projects such as Terrence Malick's last two feature films...

the feature film "Der Fall Collini" directed by MarcoKreuzpaintner, the TV series for Sky Deutschland "Paradiso" based on the best seller by the same name, and the most expensive European TV production ever made, "The Swarm" which involved German, French, Italian and Japanese broadcasters.

Our company provides a wide range of services, including location management, planning and coordination of transport and logistics, as well as a reliable and cost- effective budgeting process management.

Our team can provide assistance for tax credit benefit requests and for all pre-production and production activities, such as:


Staff recruitment

Location research and scouting


Transportation and accommodation

Product placement and sponsorship

We can arrange a call to discuss your project and your needs, assessing if we can apply for regional funds as well as tax credits, and do some location research using our private database, so we can choose together the most suitable locations for some initial scouting.